5 Tips to Avoid Blindness After Contact Lens Use

You probably recognise someone who has skilled blindness. Two main reasons of blindness glaucoma and cataracts. Even although touch lens corporations might not tell you up front that sporting touch lenses can purpose blindness, a couple of studies show that contact lenses can be a contributing element in blindness, specifically in growing nations. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that there are over 37 million blind human beings within the international, and more or less 90 percent of these humans are living in developing countries wherein proper care is easy to practice..

So how are you going to avoid going blind due to your contact lenses? Follow the subsequent five pointers and communicate to your optometrist approximately blindness.

1. Practice appropriate hygiene. Good hygiene for you eyeballs? This isn’t some thing unique that you should not already be doing. Good hygiene for you eyes include washing your fingers regularly and heading off touching your eyes with any overseas object along with your fingers. You can also put on UV resistant shades to avoid UV radiation. When it involves contact lens use you may want to ensure you don’t percentage anything with any other contact lens wearer. That includes sharing touch lenses, cleaning solution, eye drops, moisturizers, storage boxes and anything else that touches your eye.

2. Replace contacts regularly. Another cause contact lens wearers experience blindness is because they keep their contacts in too lengthy and don’t update them as endorsed. If your contacts are designed for unmarried use and are disposable, throw them out after first use. If they’re designed to ultimate one month, don’t put on them for 2 months. Another purpose is because people depart them in too long. If you maintain your touch lenses in for 16 hours each day you may start to experience extra dryness and irritation. When you now not want your contacts in, take them out.

3. Eat proper. Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist and Rotarian with the Rotary Avoidable Blindness Program, Mr. Low Hong says that the color blind contacts consuming right can assist enhance your eyesight. By eating right Mr. Hong advises consuming visitors mild-like veggies. That way those vegetables which are crimson, inexperienced, and yellow. Those colored culmination can comprise important chemical substances required through the attention to function and feature a clearer imaginative and prescient and you will see colours greater sincerely. Hong additionally advises ingesting carrots because they assist enhance your eyesight as well.

Four. Sleep proper. Position is more critical that length says Hong in relation to blindness and cataracts. When you sleep face down in your pillow you positioned pressure in opposition to your eyes and eye sockets which could cause cataracts and in the end cataract surgery. Additional sleep additionally enables your eye recover from carrying touch lenses for prolonged periods. Sleep enables your eyes recover from any harm they could have skilled due to wearing contacts all day.

5. Avoid eye rubbing. This one can also appear easy, however it’s miles regularly not noted. If your keep your arms from your eyes, you’re much less probable to increase an contamination and scratch your cornea. Eye infections are a extreme motive of blindness. Another severe motive is inadvertent eye damage typically because of a foreign object. Stay conscious whilst taking walks close to timber with low placing branches and on every occasion round objects which are hanging at eye level.

Blindness is critical and extraordinarily difficult to deal with. If you take precaution and apprehend how precious and fragile your eyes are, they’ll optimistically last you a whole lifetime!